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Welcome to the wiki page for the Badge Alliance Working Group on Open Badges in the Workforce & Acceptance by Employers!

This group explores ways to connect badges to jobs, internships, career advancement and other opportunities within the workforce. From considerations of the importance of “soft skills” (aka non-cognitive skills) like leadership to reflections on the value of more traditional “hard skills” like technical competency, this group covers an extremely wide range of the open badges ecosystem. Together we work to find and grow the potential of open badges across academia, industry, government, and society, adding professional capital to the open badges movement.

Who is in this group?

Chair: John Dillow,

Cabinet members: Andy Stutzman, Anne Derryberry, Bryan Mathers, Lenora Knapp

Secretary: Chosen weekly from Workforce WG call attendees

Badge Alliance Liaison: Carla Casilli, Director of Design + Practice



The Workforce Working Group covers a wide swath of the open badges ecosystem. This group has chosen to undertake the responsibility of answering possible questions and concerns about badges in the workforce. And they continue to consider how and where badges might impact existing workflows, standards, and procedures. Areas of interest include but are not limited to: continuing professional development; students transitioning to employment; veterans separating from the military and entering civilian careers; professional certification; and issues of adult career change.

Workforce Resources

The Workforce Working Group addresses issues influencing badge uptake and acceptance in the work environment.

  1. Frequently asked questions about badges in the workforce: Employer FAQs. Additional FAQs to be completed in the next cycle: FAQ work in progress
  2. Graphic illustrating how badges might fit into the workforce environment: Workforce pipeline graphic
  3. Badges in use at employers list (ongoing): Badges in use in the workforce
  4. Competency types list (ongoing): Existing taxonomies and emergent folksonomies

Proposed 1st cycle goals

The first cycle began in April 2014 and concluded in September 2014. Below you’ll find a list of the original proposed goals with snapshots of this cycle’s work in progress.

  • Create explanatory FAQs for employers interested in investigating / using / developing badges
  • Generate a badges in use at employers list
  • Aggregate different competency types to provide employers with direct access to existing taxonomies and to help new organizations understand and acknowledge the potential for emergent folksonomies
  • Develop a badge how-to tutorial for employers interested in understanding how to get started with badges
  • Establish an ongoing connection linking Veterans to badges

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