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Welcome to the wiki page for the Badge Alliance Policy Working Group!

The Policy Working Group tracks and reviews existing government policy, with a specific focus on U.S. federal policies that may influence or affect the open badges ecosystem. This group also provides guidance and advice on possible research, makes policy recommendations regarding the development of the open badges ecosystem, and writes public comments to requests. Together we work to raise awareness of open badges policy and encourage open badges advocacy within the larger social structure.

Who is in this group?

Chair: Danica Petroshius, Penn Hill Group

Secretary: Devin Parsons, Penn Hill Group

Badge Alliance Liaison: Carla Casilli, Director of Design & Practice

Community: http://bit.ly/BA-Policy-WG

Policy Resources

Together, we’re building a series of informational documents to help explain the role of policy in open badges and also survey the landscape of policies that might influence or affect the open badges ecosystem.

  1. An outline/summary of different potential policy levers (work in progress): Landscape of policy context for badges
  2. A policy principles document (work in progress): [ Policy principles to support badges
  3. Development of principles and recommendations to advance policy opportunities related to badges (aiming for EOY or early 2015)
    1. What policy levers can open the door for badges?
    2. What policy barriers to badges need to be removed?
    3. What policies with potential unexpected barriers should we guard against?
    4. What steps can the badge community as a whole take?
  4. Policy 101 webinar (most likely in November)
  5. Digital Library related to Policy work

Proposed 1st cycle goals

The first cycle initiated in June 2014, began again in earnest in September 2014 and concludes in December 2014. The work linked below is a snapshot of this cycle’s work in progress.

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