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Welcome to the wiki page for the Badge Alliance Working Group on the Open Badge Standard!

This group is focused on shaping the evolution of the open badge standard. To date, the standard has been a series of specifications that made up the Open Badges Infrastructure (OBI). The goal of this group is to move the specifications more towards a standard that is clearer and easier to align with, maintain, and build from.

Who is in this group?

Chair: Chris McAvoy, Director of Technology

Badge Alliance Liaison: Sunny Lee, Director of Infrastructure


1st Cycle Standard Working Group Deliverables and Resources

For our first cycle, the standards working group was focused on coming up with the best technological solution for adding metadata extensions to the current open badges specification and baking the full BadgeClass object into the BadgeAssertion. This entailed the following process:

  • Research and experiment with technology options for implementing extensions to BadgeClass and BadgeAssertion
  • Propose an extension solution that is opened up to the community to comment and experiment with and iterate on
  • Standardize specifications with combination of json-schema and JSON-LD
  • Work closely with the endorsement working group and technology advisory council to assess impact of specification updates on larger technology stack
  • Propose baking full BadgeClass object into BadgeAssertion as part of the specification, open up to community for comment, experimentation and iteration
  • Explore 3rd party standardization support from W3C

And the following deliverables:


The Standard Working Group uses a Charter to guide the decision making process.

As proposals are made, accepted or rejected, they’re tracked on the Proposals page.

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