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Welcome to the page for the Badge Alliance Research Working Group!

Building on a quickly developing base of ongoing open badges investigation, the Research Working Group strives to establish a research base that reports on a variety of open badges aspects. This group of academic researchers, design researchers, badge system designers, consultants, and other badge-interested parties works to corral the wide range of research into a few accessible locations, filters existing research into lay terms, and devises tools to aid open badges research, consideration, and examination. Covering the entire realm of the open badges ecosystem, this group actively works to inform the public with meaningful information about open badges.

Who is in this group?

Chair: Sheryl Grant, HASTAC

Secretary: Nate Otto, University of Indiana Badges Design Principles Documentation Project & Developer at Concentric Sky

Badge Alliance Liaison: Carla Casilli, Director of Design & Practice



The Research Working Group ramped up quickly as one of the initial set of Badge Alliance Working Groups. In the way of developing a research agenda, this group designed a landscape survey and plans to administer it in October 2014 with the aim of identifying common research needs among different badge-interested parties. The survey will be conducted through the University of Michigan, with WG contributor Steve Lonn acting as Principal Investigator. The research group plans to publish results of the survey within the year.

Research Resources

  1. Landscape survey to help identify future areas of open badges research: Research Survey (work in progress)
    1. Survey has been granted IRB exemption from the University of Michigan
  2. Open Badges research repository: Mendeley
  3. Group member’s individual research work on open badges

Proposed 1st cycle goals

Goals for the first cycle included:

  • Begin developing a research agenda for Open Badges
  • Build spaces to collaborate and communicate as badge researchers
  • Collect and organize existing research relevant to badges, and make it available to the community.

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