Messaging Working Group

Welcome to the wiki page for the Badge Alliance Working Group on Badges Messaging!

This group is exploring ways to talk consistently and effectively about badges to different audiences. From looking at the preferred vocabulary of various fields and industries to finding the right ‘language’ to convey badge concepts to specific groups, this group’s work will support and empower the work of all the working groups as well as the Badge Alliance itself as we move forward with growing the open badge ecosystem.

Who is in this group?

Co-Chairs: Sara Isaac, Salter>Mitchell

Secretary: Sara Bartlett, Pearson

Badge Alliance Liaison: Megan Cole, Badge Alliance


Messaging Resources

To-date, the Messaging Working Group has focused on fine-tuning and increasing the amount of Open Badges marketing and educational resources available.

  1. Open Badges Overview
  2. Educators Overview
  3. Endorsement Overview
  4. Higher Education Overview
  5. Workforce Overview
  6. Open Badges Speakers’ List
  7. Open Badges Glossary

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