Open Badges Infrastructure Working Group

Welcome to the wiki page for the Badge Alliance Working Group on the Open Badge Infrastructure (OBI)!

This group is focused on developing and maintaining the technical infrastructure that supports open badge systems.

Who is in this group?

Chair: We have formed a Tech Advisory Council to help shepherd this work

Badge Alliance Liaison: Sunny Lee, Director of Infrastructure Strategy


1st Cycle Standard Working Group Deliverables

  • Formed Technology Advisory Council comprised of thought leaders in and out of the open badges world to help us think through critical pieces of the existing open badges technology and synthesize those conversations in order to plan near and long term goals.
  • Kicked off first meeting, spanning two days at MIT Media Lab on July 8, 2014.
  • Outcome Highlight

One of the goals of the first tech council meeting was to plan how the Badge Alliance can guide the development of the Open Badges technical infrastructure. The council agreed on a framework to determine where the BA could be effective at direct action, and where the BA needed to play a more advisory role. The Open Badges infrastructure was described as three layers:

  • The Open Badges Standard
  • Libraries that are built on top of the standard + reference implementations and prototypes
  • Hosted services that rely on the standard and libraries

The Council advised that the Badge Alliance should be responsible for the Open Badges Standard (layer 1) and play a large role in building and maintaining libraries and prototypes (layer 2), but should largely stay out of hosting services (layer 3). Like all frameworks, the layer model should be considered a loose guide. There are instances in all three layers where the framework can’t be considered a hard fast rule. Examples include working with a third party standards body to maintain the Open Badges Standard, the Badge Alliance building prototype services to demonstrate utility in the market and open source developers building libraries on top of the standard.

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