Globalization Working Group

Welcome to the wiki page for the Badge Alliance Working Group on Globalization, Localization, and Badge The World!

This group is focused on encouraging and supporting badging in other countries and cultures. This includes building out the localization efforts our community started over the past few years to make badges and badging resources accessible to non-English speakers, as well as supporting globalization efforts of other organizations.

Who is in this group?

Chair: Tim Riches, Digital Me

Badge Alliance Liaison: Megan Cole, Director of Marketing & Operations


Current Resources

Badge the World:

The Badge the World site will provide the ability for individuals and/or organizations to easily share their badging work, access badging resources and connect with other badging projects from around the world. An updated version of the site will be launched at MozFest 2014, October 24-26, 2014.

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