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Welcome to the wiki page for the Badge Alliance Working Group on the Directory!

This group will be leading the ongoing work around creating a world wide directory of open badges. With the directory work as foundation, this group will also explore how search and discovery of open badges can be supported.

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Who is in this group?

Chair: Kerri Lemoie

Badge Alliance Liaison: Sunny Lee


1st Cycle Standard Working Group Deliverables and Resources

For our first cycle, the directory working group set out to create a basic prototype that in its initial form, makes it possible for learners and other organizations to find and connect to various badge issuers, their badges and their programs. This entailed the following process:

  • Define the scope of the initial Badge Directory
  • Enlist Badge Issuers to register badge classes
  • Clear documentation explaining API end points and how to use directory

And the following deliverables:

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