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This group endeavors to create a shared badge system (or systems) that recognizes 21st-century digital skills and web literacies: things that often aren’t captured by traditional credentials or formal degrees. Web literacy can be defined as the skills and competencies needed for reading, writing and participating on the web. This Working Group, in conjunction with the Mozilla community that helped to define the Web Literacy Map strives to bring that work to life by charting skills and competencies through the development of a functional set of open badges and associated pathways.

Who leads this group?

Co-Chairs: Doug Belshaw, Web Literacy Lead, Mozilla Foundation; Michelle Thorne, Global Strategist, Mozilla Foundation

Secretary: Chosen weekly from D/WL WG call attendees

Badge Alliance Liaison: Carla Casilli, Director of Design & Practice


Digital / Web Literacies Resources

  1. Digital & Web Literacies Considerations of Privacy Pathway document (work in progress) that details
    1. a proposed badge pathway for one strand of the map (micro-system)
    2. proposed set of badges for that pathway
    3. suggested techniques for implementation
  2. Continued contributions to Mozilla’s Web Literacy Map 2.0 work
    1. Web Literacy Map
    2. Web Literacy Resources

Proposed 1st cycle goals

The first cycle began in April 2014 and concluded in September 2014; however, Mozilla is continuing with this work through the end of the year to maintain momentum.

  • A functional web literacy badge system
  • Documentation of the process of developing a web literacy badge system
  • Manifesto / short paper regarding the process
  • Investigation re: the current landscape of digital and web literacies, i.e., an audit of existing systems / Epic spreadsheet (a controlled vocabulary) that includes existing digital / web literacy taxonomies
  • Working definition of terms / glossary

(the last two on this list were eventually deemed out of scope for this first cycle)

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