Cities and Networks Working Group

Welcome to the wiki page for the Badge Alliance Working Group on Cities & Network-wide Badge Systems!

This group is focused on building and connecting badge systems across cities and other networks. The Cities of Learning initiative is one example of how a city-wide initiative can work to help youth connect to out-of-school learning spaces (museums, libraries, park services, maker spaces, etc.), explore new interests and passions, gain real-world job skills, and create linkages between out-of-school experiences and in-classroom learning. This working group will reflect the growing momentum of the Cities of Learning initiative and find ways to leverage badge systems across networks and cities to create a more connected, richer learning network for learners to tap into.

Who is in this Group?

Chair: Nichole Pinkard, Digital Youth Network and DePaul University

Badge Alliance Liaison: Megan Cole, Director of Marketing & Operations


Cities and Networks Resources

For our first cycle, the Cities Working Group focused on building the national Cities of Learning brand, increasing the number of cities participating in the initiative and documenting efforts.

  1. Built a hub for Cities of Learning:
  2. Implemented the Cities of Learning pilot across 4 cities: Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Pittsburgh.
  3. Documented the Cities of Learning 2014 efforts. (Coming Soon)

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