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This group is focused on finding ways badges work well in higher education. Higher learning institutions have the potential to accept badges in the admissions evaluation process as well as as issuers credentialing course content and informal learning experiences. This group explores these and a range of related issues, such as supporting disciplinary research into badges.

The Higher Ed working group completed its first cycle at the end of 2014, and is being reconvened under the leadership of Dan Hickey, James Willis and Carla Casilli for a second cycle as of July 2015. For more information on the Higher Education Working Group resources and its current series of regularly scheduled calls, please visit the Open Badges in Higher Ed website.

Committee: Dan Hickey, James Willis, Carla Casilli

Badge Alliance Liaison: Nate Otto, Interim Director

Community Website: Badges in Higher Education Working Group Home


Examples of badge programs being implemented:




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