About the Badge Alliance

Open Badges is now a project of IMS Global Learning Consortium. The Badge Alliance has merged into the IMS effort.

Effective January 2017. See Press Release

Welcome. The Badge Alliance, launched at the Summit to Reconnect Learning in 2014, is a network of organizations and individuals working together to build and support an open badging ecosystem, with a focus on shared values including openness, learner agency and innovation.

Built upon the groundbreaking Open Badges work initiated by Mozilla and the MacArthur Foundation, and framed on a constellation model of Working Groups, the members of the Badge Alliance aim to foster and grow the open badges ecosystem in an intelligent, distributed, and sustainable way. 

In January 2017, we pass the torch to IMS Global Learning Consortium, a member-supported organization that produces and supports some of the most important web standards in the education market. IMS will be the new home for the Open Badges Specification, and its Open Badges Work Group will drive future improvements and adoption growth to Open Badges beyond 2.0.

The BA supports the community of issuers, badge earners, and consumers by facilitating regular calls, special events, and ongoing direct and peer to peer assistance. It serves as a vital connector between different organizations using Open Badges.

Badge Alliance Staff

We have successfully completed the transition to IMS Global

The Open Badges initiative is supported by the members of IMS Global Learning Consortium. This effort drives development of the Open Badges Specification, and it collaborates with other initiatives working to advance the usability and currency of digital credentials.

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